Friday, October 26, 2007

Preparing for the worst DRP Part 2

Preparing for the worst DRP Part 2

In business it is wise to ensure that you have the ability to make money. Sometimes many people who have never owned a business don’t realize that there is a need to safeguard the income sources. Think of this as insurance that will save you money over the long term.

You would not buy a new car and drop the insurance within the first month. This is taking a big risk and if you have an accident and total the car, you are still responsible for the payments. Well buying insurance for your online store is a lot cheaper than buying insurance for a car.

I recommend that all my customers to do a few things;

  • Use Godaddy for the domain register to manager your domains
  • Buy more web space from a different provider
  • Buy a CD or DVD recorder and media to go with it
  • Why use godaddy?

    Because my experience with their domain management services has been excellent and I can change the DNS for the domain to point to another and it happens in a matter of ten to fifteen minutes in most cases. There is no gaurentee that this will happen in that time period, but for some reason the propagation of the DNS entries are very quick with them. Other companies have taken longer than three hours to move a domain, but this is my experience and advice.

    Why buy more web space from a different provider?

    Well there are a lot of reasons for this; development, testing and of course disaster recovery. Let’s say that your web host has a major connection problem, a construction crew cut through all the fiber lines that connect the web host to the outside world. It could take the communications company hours to restore just one connection, let alone all the connections. Now if you have a profitable store, what monetary loss will you have after 5 hours of no access to your store by people on the internet? A lot, you won’t lose only money but your reputation may suffer too. By having an alternative site with a different provider already to go, you can in effect move the entire store to the other web host provider, change the DNS and be up and running in a matter of 30 minutes or less. The faster you are up and running, the less customers you will lose.

    Why buy a CD or DVD recorder and media to go with it?

    If you have one already that is great, no need to buy one. the reason I tell my customers to get one so they have a way to get the back up files off of the server and their computer and store them in a safe place. Would you leave your credit cards lying around so your dog can chew them up? Of course not! Why leave the backups on the server where they are at risk of being hacked or leave them on your computer where they may get corrupted or even worst deleted. Put them on CD or DVD, date them and put them away in a safe place. Remember this is your store that makes you money, treated it well.

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